UP TO 60x FASTER than the average internet services today


The Charleston Digital Corridor, a tech-focused economic-development organization, has listed access to competitively priced, fast and reliable internet service as one of the region's most pressing challenges.

"Internet service is the life blood of our growing tech community. Home Telecom stepped in when other providers failed and has been providing reliable, high-speed internet to our Flagship and Flagship2 locations in downtown Charleston since 2013. We look forward to having gigabit service at our Flagship3 location and are excited to watch the tech community of Charleston grow with the expansion of gigabit fiber on the peninsula.”
Director, Ernest Andrade

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GigUP Charleston is powered by the local, innovative telecom, Home Telecom. Home Telecom will phase the introduction of fiber and gigabit service, first in the tech corridor of Morrison Drive and East Bay Street. Then, they will extend their fiber-rich gigabit service along Calhoun Street to the West Edge neighborhood. This much needed infrastructure is necessary to drive economic development along Charleston’s fastest growing high-tech business corridor.

Home Telecom has been routinely deploying Fiber-To-The-Premises since 2004 and was the first to offer gigabit internet speed in South Carolina. With over 12 years of fiber experience, 66,000 fiber strand miles passing 65,000 addresses, Home Telecom is proud to be a leader in fiber technology. According to Home Telecom President and COO, William S. Helmly, his company is a member-owner of Spirit Communications who will collaborate with Home Telecom in the implementation of GigUP Charleston. “By combining our fiber network and our experience in fiber technology with Spirit Communications’ nearby fiber network, we have taken the lead in successfully improving broadband connectivity for the Charleston area,” said Helmly.

On October 25th, 2016 the group launched the GigUP South Carolina initiative to promote how businesses, homes and schools can take advantage of the blazing speeds of more than 1 million miles of gigabit-ready fiber optic infrastructure already in place across the state. The GigUP Charleston launch, led by Home Telecom, is part of the groups’ statewide campaign to promote South Carolina as a Gigabit State.

A future-proof fiber network extending directly into every home and business is necessary to handle the rising reliance society has on the internet. This need is characterized by the transition from simply utilizing email and web searches, to use of advanced security systems, vast environment of face-to-face internet conferences, uploading to the Cloud, streaming TV programs and complex interactive games. Innovative new protocols are being developed daily in the fields of tech-companies, healthcare, education, public safety, transportation, and commerce. We strive to keep our customers connected and have continuously advanced our technologies in order to do so.