UP TO 60x FASTER than the average internet services today


Picture this – Mind-blowing download speeds matched with split-second upload speeds. Enhanced HD Video, inviting all of the action into your home. Crystal Clear HD Voice services with the ability to securely connect to remote locations seamlessly. Home Automation allowing you to manage your home remotely or cloud services to securely store your private business data. It’s the world- your world... all at your fingertips.


Spread the word! The more interest we receive from particular areas of the Peninsula will determine where we focus our construction efforts first. Encourage others on your street to sign up also to ensure your street is one of the first to be able to enjoy fiber services and gigabit speeds.

GigUP Charleston is designed to improve business and residential internet speeds by 100 times current standards. Home Telecom will phase the introduction of fiber and gigabit service first in the tech corridor on Morrison Drive and East Bay Street. Then, they will extend the fiber-rich gigabit service along Calhoun Street to the West Edge neighborhood. GigUP Charleston is a collaborative effort to extend and connect existing fiber networks to provide a fiber connection to every home and business located on the Charleston Peninsula.

GigUP Charleston is not the service provider. GigUP Charleston represents the collaborative effort of two local telecoms, Home Telecom and Spirit Communications, to expand their existing fiber networks onto and throughout the Charleston Peninsula. Once the network is planned and constructed, each company will begin selling their products over the fiber network.

Employing 177 local telecom professionals and delivering multiple technologies, most notably Velocity Fiber directly to homes and businesses since 2004, Home Telecom provides telephone, internet, video, security and home automation services in Berkeley, Dorchester and Charleston counties of South Carolina. Today, Home Telecom provides Velocity Fiber services, and offers gigabit internet to 12,000 homes and 1,000 businesses. In 2012, Calix, a leading global provider of broadband communications access systems and software, awarded Home Telecom their Innovation Award for using fiber to drive local economic development. Home Telecom continues to excel in the area of economic development. To learn more, visit www.HomeSC.com.

Headquartered in Columbia, South Carolina, Spirit Communications provides voice, data, internet and fiber optic solutions, along with a full suite of Cloud services to commercial businesses, carriers and government agencies across the Southeast. The company’s mission is to enable customers to transform their operations through fast, stable and secure offerings that flex with business demand. Ranked among the top 35 privately-held firms in South Carolina, Spirit Communications serves thousands of customers in over 150 service locations throughout South Carolina, North Carolina and Georgia. For more information, visit www.spiritcom.com.

Spirit Communications operates on an innovative business model owned by 11 telecommunications companies across the state of South Carolina. Home Telecom is one of the 11 member-owners. In their own markets, these companies provide voice, internet, video and fiber optic solutions, along with a full suite of Cloud services to residential customers, commercial businesses and government agencies. For more about the partnership, visit spiritcom.com/proudowner.

There are three distinct advantages of gigabit internet service. First, its broader bandwidth accommodates the ever-increasing amount of data that travels over the internet. Second, it is faster – as much as 100 times faster – than average internet services today. And finally, it is symmetrical which enables users to send information at the same speed at which they receive it. Below are some interesting points about gigabit internet speed:

  • Download a 30-minute video in 4 seconds rather than almost 7 minutes.
  • Download a 1 Gbps video game in 8 seconds rather than waiting 13 minutes.
  • Businesses can backup 10 Gbps worth of data to the Cloud in 1 ½ minutes instead of 2 ½ hours.
  • Download data as fast as your computer can save to its hard drive.
  • Transfer data to and from the internet faster than you send data to a USB thumb drive.
  • Improved and faster online experience for multiple users and devices connected to the same network.
  • Lag-free online gaming.
  • Stream multiple videos on multiple devices at the same time.
  • Stream, without buffering, at least five high-definition (1080p) videos at the same time, while surfing the web and sending email.
  • Improve businesses communications and efficiency.

Signing up is part of our research and a very important step to gauge interest. We’ll develop our plans around the areas showing the most interest. Once fiber is in an area and ready to be installed into homes and businesses, you will be contacted by either Home Telecom or Spirit Communications based upon your service needs.