Up to 40x faster
than the average internet services today

Home Telecom has taken the lead in launching GigUP Charleston designed to improve internet speeds by 40 times current standards. GigUP Charleston is a collaboration to help promote growth within the flourishing Charleston Peninsula. Home Telecom will provide the necessary infrastructure to power gigabit internet speeds and so much more! GigUP Charleston will enable downtown Charleston to have the latest technologies for their homes and businesses.


  • Broader bandwidth accommodating your ever-increasing internet data
  • Faster Gigabit internet speeds are now available- Up to 40x faster than the average internet services today
  • Symmetrical, enabling users to send information at the same speed received

Our products are not only advanced, but also reliable and exceptionally secure. Because of this, we are an ideal choice for the residents and businesses of downtown Charleston. Whether it’s faster broadband speeds, higher definition, or any number of new applications on the horizon, rest assured you have a connection that is powerful enough to meet the needs of tomorrow. This is our future-proof promise.